Hosting an Outdoor Movie Party

Movie Party

A few years ago, hosting an outdoor movie party was quite impossible unless you have a huge budget. But as the years went by, hosting such events is now easy. There are now outdoor movie screen hire companies that you can call if you want to have an outdoor movie fundraising. The great thing about it is you don’t have to be rich just to host an event like this. With just a few grand, you can invite your friends and other people to come and join the fun.

Things to Prepare When Hosting an Outdoor Cinema Event

There are a few things you need to prepare when hosting outdoor big screen events. First, you need to know how many people you want to invite. Next, you need to find a place where you want to hold the event. When finding a place, you need to make sure that it can accommodate the number of people you want to invite.

Once you have found a place, you need to get permission to use the location. If it’s a government-owned area, you need to get a permit from the mayor’s office so you can run the party without a problem. If it’s just a small party and you will hold it in your yard, then you don’t need to get permission from the government.

Another thing you need to do is you need to find an outdoor movie screen hire company. Make sure that they have the right equipment such as inflatable screen and AV tools to make your event a success.

Also, you need to decide a movie you want to play during the party. Choose a movie that fits the place’s aura. It will hype the vibe if the movie and the place complement each other.

When you have all these things prepared, you just need to make a noise about it by making an ad on social media and distribute some flyers in your area.

How to Promote Brand with Outdoor Movies

Outdoor Movies

Marketing will always be given a new face. This is for sure. Chances are, strategizing will work best or the interest of those who want to face success. The idea is to stay dynamic and competitive knowing that the marketing arena is filled with entrepreneurs who also want to attain victory. It is crucial to staying on the top of the trends to make sure that a wider number of people is reached. Learning how to use them will also work in the promotion of a brand. There are various styles for this. There are business people who pursue outdoor movies Australia. This may work too. Screen hire should work in this juncture.

A Closer Look at Marketing

In the field of Experiential Marketing, a study has been released through the so-called Event Marketing Institute. This can present interesting data for everyone. The study will always reveal that to spend time by companies is growing. This comes with a good reason. The figures were able to show that there is a type of marketing which is successful. This goes with a 58% of attendees that will purchase on the event. Aside from this, 86% of those can be made a regular customer. This should be considered by those who want to make use of big screen hire. This is going to work as well. Outdoor movie Australia is very much related to Experiential Marketing. This will attempt to create and build a connection between the brand’s potential customers and the brand that they are using for a meaningful experience.

What this Experiential Marketing aims is to make sure that customers will be enticed. This is true for the purchase. It has to appeal both to the person’s rational and even emotional behavior. Make sure for outdoor movies to succeed!

Fundraiser Movie Nights Tips and Ideas

Nights Tips and Ideas

Outdoor movie nights are pretty fun and easy to organize. You can make the most of them especially if you are going to AV hire, sound hire, and projector hire by making it your fundraiser event for your club or organization. There are a lot of companies that are providing full equipment including big screens, extra lights, and other extras that you and your audience and donors might need. The advantage of hiring the help of an outdoor movie company is that you are protected from any copyright infringement issues. Therefore, you can include in your movie lists seasonal movies or the latest movies that will surely increase your fundraising revenue. Here are other tips to make your outdoor movie fundraiser successful:

Revenue Opportunities

Increase your organization’s revenue by charging admission. Months before your outdoor movies event, inform you guests that it is a fundraiser so they can prepare for their admission fee or tickets. Since it is a fundraiser you are expected to charge more than the usual ticket price especially if it is a movie marathon.  Do not sell yourself short since the people who are sure to come are serious in helping your cause. You can also sell food and drinks and other merchandise to your audiences. You can ask your guests beforehand if they want pre-ordered food to avoid ordering too much or too little.

In Between Activities

If you are going to play movie after movie, there is a tendency that your audience will get tired and bored. Think of exciting activities like to make sure that they are still having fun. Include small prizes in these activities like tokens from your organization and other merchandise that you are selling to invite them all to participate.

Secure Licenses and Permits

Months before your outdoor movies fundraiser event, contact your local council and outdoor movie company to make sure that you have all relevant licenses and permits in case any problems arise during and after your fundraiser event.  Talk with your chosen outdoor movie company about appropriate rights so you can freely show movies in public.